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Golf Digest

Category: Sports

Edition: National

Language: English

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Golf Digest is the World’s #1 most-widely read golf magazine. Each month Golf Digest India will keep your abreast of the latest news, tournament updates, trends and give you the best tips from the world’s top players & teaching professionals. We thank you for showing interest in being part of the Golf Digest India family. Each edition features :

LESSONS : From the best Instructors & teaching professionals in the world

EQUIPMENTS : Reviewed & Featured

INTERVIEWS : with the world’s best professionals and experts

PERSONALITIES : Exclusives with leading golf celebrities

FITNESS : Health & Fitness Tips

COLUMN : Exclusives with leading golf celebrities

TOURNAMENTS & EVENTS : Latest news on Corporate, Amateur & Professional Tournaments

TRAVEL : Covering the best golf destinations in the world

LIFESTYLE : Apparel, Accessories & latest in Golf fashion